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Whole Armour Enterprise LLC has been a company concept since 2006 and has transitioned to make available services such as certification training in the Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Collection industries. There are four available options to choose from when seeking to improve your knowledge and stability within the wastewater industry. For those who are new to the wastewater industry, there is a 40-hour(s) tutorial session that enables one interesting in transitioning into the water and wastewater industries. 

The Founder of this company has a desire to help individuals within the water and wastewater industries and to improve the chances of one achieving promotions as well as continue educational growth within both industries. Not to mention, to become a premier company in providing such services that will enhance current Operators and to bring up to speed those who are new to these industries altogether. 

To learn more on Whole Armour Enterprises' course offering please click on the "register a course" below.


There are different versions of a “Think Tank”, and many are set up by educational institutions that lack common sense within intelligent thinking. Sometimes, to think and innovate outside of tunnel vision, it’s better to go more with a simpler approach. It speaks to “K. I. S. S.”, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID and yet complex with defining true solutions to the project or problem at hand.  

There are things in life you just cannot put your fingers on or come up with that grand idea or innovation that can encourage change within the world. To only find out that ideas are always around us and it’s a matter of how to discover or visualize them. It’s not always an easy task to develop solutions to solve problems on your own and even having a company with unlimited resources doesn’t always lead you to a moment that will cause you to say “Eureka”; I got it! Sometimes, you need a sounding board or person by which you can exchange ideas to build a foundation whereby ideological concepts evolve from research to a tangible state. This is where the “think tank” consulting services of Whole Armour Enterprises LLC proposes; to become a sounding board and depending on the project at hand, a third set of eyes for you or your company. Confidentiality is our foundation, so schedule a consultation today.


This course includes, as opportunities presents it, on-the-job/other treatment plants tours with a one-on-one tutorial session (with Instructor) for those individuals who desire to change careers to become a Water Treatment (WT) Operator, Wastewater Treatment Operator or work in Wastewater Collection Systems. This tutorial session gives student/client 3 rewards: (1) One on One Certification Exam Prep, (2) 40 hrs./ 30 days on the job/ treatment plants tours to observe the inter-workings of the Water and Wastewater industry and finally, (3) Student or Client receives a "Certificate of Completion" with Instructor's Operator ID number which certifies that Student/Client received actual training by a certified Operator in the industry.


40 hours or 30 days, whichever comes first. In some cases, it takes 30 days to complete 40hrs tutorial session. This is a one-on-one tutorial session with the instructor, and it is designed to work around the instructor’s rotating shift schedule as well as student's. Therefore, flexible scheduling is a must and agreed upon between Instructor and Student/Client before signing up. To sign up, pay and schedule a session please click orange button that states "SCHEDULE A SESSION" below. 


Corrucycle is a brand name and division of Whole Armour Enterprises, LLC. Corrucycle was created for the purpose of encouraging people in general the need for continuing the efforts of recycling within the corrugated cardboard industry and our society. Corrucycle’s mission is to become a premier brand in the world of recycling and to introduce Custom-Made 3-D Cardboard Lettering products, made possible by a process called Corrugated 3-D Perimetry. The process that it is found upon will be one of the key processes in the future of recycling used corrugated cardboard boxes. 


One may not know the differences between cardboard and corrugated board. In general, you would think that Corrugated Board is cardboard, but it is not. Cardboard is a form of paperboard as well as corrugated board, but it is the material use for backing of paper tablets and making milk cartons, etc. Corrugated Board, on the other hand, is use for making heavy-duty boxes, containers, and it is simply made of brown paper bag type of paper (linerboard) that passes through rollers with crests and troughs. This corrugated paper is then put between two slices of smooth linerboards that gives the corrugated board a wavy sandwich like structure. Corrugated board is the material that Corrugated 3-D Perimetry principles are found upon. To explore more, please click on button below.

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