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The “Armored Angel” symbolizes the essence of what Whole Armour Enterprise is trying to convey in terms of fair and tough business practice. The logo embodies the idea that one is in assured hands when being advised or consulted by this company. In fact, it embodies the very notion that business with this company will not be like any other establishment that most people are accustom to.   This very image embodies the ideology that this business was ordain by the heavens to operate in the manner in which it does. It speaks the existence of what could and will be possible. Its mass body conveys the notion that strength and structure is the foundation of the company it represents. It proposes the valid position of strong integrity with the mere force of maintaining it. Its arched wings symbolize the stand that the sky is not the limit to what is possible.

Mailing Address:

2851 Johnston Street Ste. #1804

Lafayette, La 70503





Looking to improve your chances on getting promoted on your current job in the Water, Wastewater Treatment and Collection industries? Well, here at Whole Armour Enterprises LLC, certification and LDHH approved courses are offered. Given that you are currently working in these industries, your opportunity to move up is better with obtaining your certification. In some cases, private companies and municipalities that provide services within these industries gives raises for each certification level that you achieve.


If you or someone you know is interesting in changing their current job to the Water and Wastewater industries, then Whole Armour Enterprises LLC is a great place to start. Despite the 12 hours of rotating shift work and occasional dirty work environments, this industry comes with many perks. One perk being flexible work shift and days off through the work week depending on organization that hires you. To learn more, continue to explore this website and Whole Armour Enterprises LLC will look forward to assisting you in your employment transitioning, or future endeavors.


A wasted mind is a terrible state of the human brain and only a few people can refute this statement. Not to mention, “An idle mind is the devil workshop.” God gave humanity a will and intelligence to create as well as live an existence whereby no other species can live. He went a step further and created humanity in His own image, which gives humanity an innate ability or desire to create. This gives validity to mankind’s desire to innovate and cultivate the earth. Whole Armour Enterprises' “Think Tank” consulting service is designed and structured for such a duplication of thinking. The idea of idealized thinking with an intuitive nature to arrive at solutions via the speed of discussion. Therefore, Whole Armour Enterprises LLC has a unique approach when creating original ideas and concepts that will enhance your individual or company project. 


There are different versions of a “Think Tank”, and many are set up by educational institutions that lack common sense within intelligent thinking. If interested in exploring further, please  don't hesitate to click the more button.


Corrucycle is a brand name and division of Whole Armour Enterprises, LLC. Corrucycle was created for the purpose of encouraging people in general the need for continuing the efforts of recycling within the corrugated cardboard industry and our society. Therefore, exploring new ways to recycle, one would not be remiss in thinking that recycling is still a subject matter of discussion. In the sense of technology with a sustainable approach, there are many ways by which recycling in general can be a greater benefit. This is speaking to all of humanity and generations to come. By no means that this is a short cut to fixing the world’s landfill shortages, but a call to action to those homo sapiens who wish to make a difference within the world.  

Corrucycle is a small part of the innovations to come within the recycling industry but look promising when it comes to being a pioneer within this industry. Truly, everyone can play a part in such an effort. Therefore, when you or businesses buy a product from such a company as Corrucycle puts humanity on a path towards a brighter future.  

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