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Whole Armour Enterprises, LLC would like to thank you for visiting its website. There are many websites you could have visited, but you chose Whole Armour Enterprises and for that it thanks you. The goal of this website is to provide you with a great viewing experience and come complete with the information you were looking for. This company provides services that will assist you with being successful in all your future endeavors.


One of the missions of Whole Armour Enterprises, is to serve as an umbrella company for various business ventures and services. Another goal is to provide customers with the best products and services. This company is concerned about the environment and doing its part to help protect it for future generations to come. Whole Armour Enterprises has been a company concept since 2006 and has transition to provide services such as certification training in the Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, and Wastewater Collection industries. Also providing recyclable artwork and products via Corrucycle, a DBA of Whole Armour Enterprises that offer general recycling services.


Whole Armour Enterprises' "think tank" service is design to assist individuals and companies with extra eyes observing from the outside of their project in order to provide progressive solutions and ideological concepts that can solve problems tangibly. Generally, universities and the like are usually solicited for such a task and given research grants as well as funding for various projects to solve problems scientifically and technologically. Imagine for a moment, you solicited common minded folks to think outside the box or normal structures of a think tank to gain fresh ideas or theoretical constructs that solve real problems with applicable solutions. This is Whole Armour Enterprises' ideology of a think tank service is in general. To learn more about any services or products please visit Whole Armour Enterprises' services page.   

The Vision.


A man born the 14th child out of 14 children and was driven by the idea of becoming self-made since high school, Tommye L. Armstrong, the Founder and Visionary of Whole Armour Enterprise, LLC. The foundation of this company has always been about innovation ideology, creativity and endless ideologies that lead to the existence of Whole Armour Enterprise LLC as well as its DBA Corrucycle.


One of the visions of Tommye Armstrong was to create a company that provide services that would enhance businesses and individuals. Tommye Armstrong is bless with a gift to think outside of the box and full of in-depth concepts that he could not fund himself, therefore via Whole Armour Enterprise he offers his ideology services in a “think tank” format. He is an Artist with a unique touch when creating with used cardboard or corrugated board material under the brand name Corrucycle. Given all this "know-how", Tommye Armstrong has established Whole Armour Enterprise LLC to give businesses and individuals the opportunity to experience his world of thinking, creativity as well as professionalism.


Overall, Mr. Tommye Armstrong has created a company that offer services to assist individuals and businesses with their current as well as future business projects. This is done by providing think-tank consulting, certification training, and artwork. To learn more, please continue to explore Whole Armour Enterprise’s website.


Corrucycle: The DBA


Corrucycle is a brand name and division of Whole Armour Enterprises, LLC. Corrucycle was created for the purpose of encouraging people in general the need for continuing the efforts of recycling within the corrugated cardboard industry and our society. Corrucycle’s mission is to become a premier brand in the world of recycling and to introduce Custom-Made 3-D Cardboard Lettering products, made possible by a process called Corrugated 3-D Perimetry. The process that it is found upon will be one of the key processes in the future of recycling used corrugated cardboard boxes.  


There is a difference between cardboard and corrugated board. In general, one would think that Corrugated Board is cardboard, but it is not. Cardboard is a form of paperboard as well as corrugated board, but it is the material use for backing of paper tablets and making milk cartons, etc. Corrugated Board, on the other hand, is use for making heavy-duty boxes, containers, and it is simply made of brown paper bag type of paper (linerboard) that passes through rollers with crests and troughs. This corrugated paper is then put between two slices of smooth linerboards that gives the corrugated board a wavy sandwich like structure. Corrugated board is the material that Corrugated 3-D Perimetry principles are found upon. Overall, Corrucycle is also a DBA of Whole Armour Enterprise, and its focus is to become the "go-to" brand name within the recycling industry. 

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