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40 HRS/30 DAYS

About the Course

This course includes, as opportunities presents it, on-the-job/other treatment plants tours with a one-on-one tutorial session (with Instructor) for those individuals who desire to change careers to become a Water Treatment (WT) Operator, Wastewater Treatment Operator or work in Wastewater Collection Systems. This tutorial session gives student/client 3 rewards: (1) One on One Certification Exam Prep, (2) 40 hrs./ 30 days on the job/ treatment plants tours to observe the into workings of the Water and Wastewater industry and finally, (3) Student or Client receives a "Certificate of Completion" with Instructor's Operator ID number which certifies that Student/Client received actual training by a certified Operator in the industry.

Your Instructor



Instructor, Tommye Armstrong is the Founder and Manager of Whole Armour Enterprises LLC. He is currently a Wastewater Treatment Operator 4 with Lafayette Utility Systems and has a Wastewater Collection 4. He has 18 years of combined experience in WWT, WWC and W. He also holds an Associate of Science in Retail Merchandise Management with a focus in ecommerce marketing.

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