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8 hours of Review




8 hours

About the Course

This course option was created to provide general review training for those operators who are short 8 hours of DHH approved credit hours to earn continue education credits to maintain their current licenses. In other words, a current Operator may need only 8 credits hours to keep his or her license within the two-year cycle renewal period required by DHH. So, during the DHH approved 40 Hour(s) Review Course, walk-ins are welcome to come and earn those 8 credit hours. This can be any day between the first day and fourth day of course. MAKE SURE THAT YOU SIGN UP TO TAKE EXAM 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE WITH DHH:

Your Instructor

Tommye Armstrong

Tommye Armstrong

Instructor, Tommye Armstrong is the Founder and Manager of Whole Armour Enterprise LLC. He is currently a Wastewater Treatment Operator 4 with Lafayette Utility Systems and has a Wastewater Collection 4. He has 18 years of combined experience in WWT, WWC and W. He also holds an Associate of Science in Retail Merchandise Management with a focus in ecommerce marketing.

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